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A man’s actions are the key that determines whether a relationship succeeds or fails.

Find out what women really look for in men. Learn the secrets of attraction, of dating, of mating, of day-to-day living, and how to enjoy building relationships with women.



How to start chatting with a woman you like? There is a huge number of subtleties and strategies!

We describe all the most important nuances about how to initiate communication with a girl: how to approach, how to start talking, how to look at her, what intonations and emotions to express, and many more.

What should be your behavior, so that the girl stops and begins listening to you?

How to show your adequacy and the fact that you are different from the majority?


Flirt is the foundation for a man's sexuality. The basis of attraction. It is the most important fuel for all steps of communication with a girl.

Meet, chat, date, get closer&emdash;flirting is needed at every stage, from the beginning to the end. The same actions and words can become effective or ineffective, depending on whether a man is able to "turn on" flirting or not. With good flirting girl will forgive you a lot of errors and do not even notice them.

To make everything we teach work more efficiently, we've created this course.



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